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Back Pain, Joint Pain, Muscular Pain, Neck Pain, Sprain & Inflammation.

This is an effective ointment for back pain, muscular pain swelling and sprains, reduces inflammation ,soothes stiffness in the joints and back to give welcome relief. Use either alone or in combination with systemic drugs, RHEUMENSA provides immense benefits in treating all types of muscular skeletal disorders.

RHEUMENSA has been used with benefits as a muscle stimulant and muscle relaxant in the treatment of stiff neck, facial paralysis, neuritis of legs with pain and even in hemiplegic. RHEUMENSA provides the much needed psychological pepup in the management of pain and inflamation because immediately on application it exerts cool and soothing effect and gradually heats up the inflammed site. RHEUMENSA is easy to apply and requires only a gentle rubbing at the site.


Apply RHEUMENSA evenly over affected area. The unique double action ayurvedic pain reliever penetrates on contact. It cools first and then relieves pain. Massage lightly for best results. Apply as often as necessary.

What are the causes of Back Pain?
Back Pain is very common. Eight out of ten people get back pain and suffer from the effects. The main causes of back pain are:

SUDDEN MOVEMENT: Back Pain is caused by sudden movement, bending and lifting of heavy weights., Doing strenuous exercise, jogging, running and even traveling by cycle, scooter, moped or by bus over bad roads could cause back pain due to jointing and strain.. To get relief, apply RHEUMENSA and gently massage on the back.

EXCESS WEIGHT: Being obese and overweight also causes back pain, because the back has to support the extra weight, RHEUMENSA gives relief and is also very easy to apply.

PREGNANCY: During pregnancy, there is a great strain on the back because the back has to support the extra weight of the baby. Many mothers also put on weight during pregnancy . Again RHEUMENSA relieves pain with its trusted ayurvedic ingredients.

POST-NATAL RECOVERY: After the baby is born, there is a vaccum created in the body. Loose muscles pressure on the back causing pain. Also in the first few months after delivery, there is not much physical activity. Some mothers also put on weight during pregnancy. This and an inactive lifestyle also leads to back pain.RHEUMENSA is easy to apply and relieves back pain quickly and effectively.

INACTIVE LIFESTYLE: This also causes back pain because of the lack of exercise. RHEUMENSA gives quick and easy relief.

STRESS AND TENSION: Stress at work or emotional pressure at home also cause back pain. Exercise to relieve tension and apply easy to use RHEUMENSA to relieve pain.

What can I do to avoid back pain ?
Learn to relax. Worry can cause back pain. Exercise before or during early stages of pregnancy. If you are overweight, exercise and reduce your weight. Have an erect posture when sitting, standing or walking. Yogasana and pranayama are effective in relaxing and reducing mental tension and back pain.

What is Muscular Pain?
Muscular pain is caused by sudden movement, bending and lifting heavy weights., It also occurs if you twist and turn in your sleep, Lying in an unnatural position.

How to relieve your Muscular Pain?
The most effective relief from muscular pain can be gained by applying ayurvedic RHEUMENSA ointment. It is easy to apply and requires only a light massage. It is quickly absorbed to give soothing relief. HOME REMEDIES for muscular pain, warmth from a heat pad or a hot water bath is very helpful. Gentle massage of the affected area also soothes pain.

What is Joint Pain?
Joints pain or rheumatism is a common disease affecting the joints or the body. It is also known as arthritis.

Where does Joint Pain strike most often?
It commonly develops in joints which undergo a lot of wear and tear, like the knees, hands , feet and hips.

What are the symptoms of Joint Pain ?
The general symptoms are pain in the joints, very severe at times, with or without swelling. There could also be a burning sensation, heavy feeling in the limbs, restriction in the movement of the joints, shifting pain, stiffness and so on.

When can a person suffer from Joint Pain ?
Joint Pain can strike anyone from the age of 25 years,. Did you know that anyone over 25 years of age has a one in four risk of suffering from arthritis? Also, women are more susceptible to the disease.When comparing with men women are suffering 3 times more from arthritis.

What Medication is Effective ?
The time honoured traditions of ayurveda provide relief to the disease if treated properly and in time. RHEUMENSA Ayurvedic ointment provides quick and easy relief to joint pain.

Things you can do to minimize the Pain
Rest when pain is severe. Do not exercise sore or painful in joints as you may damage them. If you are over weight, try hard to lose the extra weight. Every pound of unwanted fat you carry puts more strain on the joints. Try keeping the joints warm. Heat relieves pain and stiffness. EXEERCISE regularly when your joints are not cropped by pain, you should exercise them. Exercise helps keep joints in good condition, Laughter helps to control pain Learn to relax Worry can make joint pain worse.

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is part of the body's immune response initially, it is beneficial when, for example, your knee sustains a blow tissues need care and protection. However, sometimes inflammation can cause further inflammation; it can become self perpetuating. More inflammation is created in response to the existing inflammation.

Why does Infalmmation cause pain?

When people have inflammation it often hurts, they feel pain, stiffness, discomfort, distress and perhaps agony, depending on the severity of it. Pain can be constant and steady, in which case it is often referred to as an ache. Pain can be of throbbing type, a pulsating pain, or it can be stabbing or pinching pain.

Pain is variying individual experience and the only person who can describe it properly is the one who is feeling it.Pain can be acute or chronic.

What are the possible treatments for inflammation?

Inflammation is part of the healing process, sometimes reducing inflammation is necessary. But not always. NSAISs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are taken to elevate pain caused by inflammation. They counteract the COX (cyclooxygenase) enzyme, which synthesize prostaglandins which create inflammation, if prostaglandin synthesis can be blocked pain is either eliminated or reduced.


# The Ointment has strong anti - inflammatory property.

# As compared to other pain Relief ointments, RHEUMENSA Ointments penetrate into the body tissue quicker.

# Helps in improving the mobility of limbs.

# Removes the stiffness of muscles.

# Permanent Relief from Joint Pain.

# Safe ayurvedic proprietary medicine.


Apply RHEUMENSA evenly over affected area. The unique 9 double action ayurvedic pain reliever penetrates on contact. It cools first and then relieves pain. Massage lighttly for best results. Apply as offen as necessary.


Available in 40g, 25g, 10g


Ajamoda,Bala,Haridra,Nirgundi,As Taila,Devadaru,Karpora,Pudina ka Phul,Nilgirika Tel.

All the ingredients are proven ayurvedic herbs and RHEUMENSA is a pain balm with great therapeutic benefits and no side effects.

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