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1) Repels Mosquitoes – Mosquito Bites – Insect Bites – Eczema – Ringworm – Fungal Infection – Scabies – Itching – Irritation.
2) Apply KWIKEAL and Prevent your total family from Mosquito Bites related diseases: “Dengue – Malaria – Chikengunea”
3) KWIKEAL – Safe for Children

Everyday your skin has to bear the brunt of bites of mosquitoes and all sorts of insects. The results of mosquito bites are that you may get killer diseases like Malaria, Chickenguniya and Dengue. The bites of insects may lead to all types of infections caused by micro organisms and allergies. The result is that your skin will suffer from eczema, ringworm, scabies, itching and irritation.


Apply liberally on all part of the body,particularly on exposed skin.

Can I use KWIKEAL as mosquito repellent?
Yes. KWIKEAL is effective as a mosquito repellent. Mosquitoes will never come near you. KWIKEAL builds up a safety wall around you and protects you from the killer mosquito bites.

How can I use KWIKEAL as a mosquito repellent?
You can apply KWIKEAL on the exposed body as and when required. You can apply any number of times as required.

Can I use KWIKEAL on my face?
Yes. You can use KWIKEAL on your face. It is safe.

What kinds of bites does KWIKEAL treat?
Mosquito Bites and Insect Bites.

Can children use KWIKEAL as mosquito repellent?
Yes. Children including babies can use KWIKEAL as mosquito repellent and it is safe.

Does KWIKEAL treat eczema, ringworm, fungal infections and scabies ?
Yes, it treats these effectively.

If I have itching and irritation, Can I use KWIKEAL ?
Yes, By applying KWIKEAL on the affected area, you will get quick relief.

How can I use KWIKEAL as anti fungal cream ?
Clean the affected are with water and apply a thick layer of KWIKEAL and expericence its 'cool-feel' effect.

Whether my children can use KWIKEAL as anti fungal cream ?
Yes, Your children can use KWIKEAL as anti fungal cream and it is safe.

Can I use KWIKEAL for my baby to treat mosquito / insect bites? Is it safe?
Yes, it is safe even for babies who are even less than a year old.

Does use of KWIKEAL lead to any side effects?
Absolutely no side effects as it is an ayurvedic preparation.

Is the perfume of KWIKEAL good?
As the cream has to be applied over the Face and the body, we have taken care to give you a good perfume. You will like the perfume.

How can I prevent mosquitoes and insects?

Keep your body and place clean. Avoid keeping things like junk materials in and around your place. Keep your dustbins closed. Close windows and doors in the evenings. Keep your house and surroundings clean. Avoid stagnation of water in and around your place.Use KWIKEAL regularly and prevent mosquito and insect bites and protect your total family from killer diseases like Malaria, Dengue and Chickenguniya and lead a healthy life.


Available in 15 gms


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